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How to Register:

This year, we are taking registrations via e-transfer.


To register, simply send an e-transfer to:


1. Participants Name

2. What you are registering for

3. Age Group


Tyler Smith, SMASH Summer Package, 2015-2012

Avery Clark, July Full Month Training, 2011-2008

Tyler Smith, August Summer Camp, u13-u16

Avery Clark, Week 3 Full Week Training, u9-u12

Tyler Smith, Drop In, July 17, 2015- 2012

Avery Clark, July 10-12 Summer Camp, 2011-2008

Tyler Smith, Multi-Sports Camp, u13-u16

Final E-Transfer Prices:

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 2.12.15 PM.png
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