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Weekly Training Sessions

designed to make you a better athlete

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Weekly Athletic Development



Cloverdale: Tuesday 5-6 pm @ Hillcrest Park 

Cloverdale: Sunday 10-11am @ Hillcrest Park 



Cloverdale: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10-11 am @ Hillcrest Park 


Cloverdale: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11-12 pm @ Hillcrest Park 

Langley: Tuesday/Thursday 11-12 pm @ McLeod Athletic Park


Cloverdale: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12-1 pm @ Hillcrest Park

SMASH currently trains all skill levels looking to improve their health, athleticism, social skills, fitness levels and confidence. 

We offer 1 hour group sessions, in a fun and safe atmosphere to compliment any sport or activity.

SMASH Dryland Training includes; full body strength exercises, cardio, speed/agility training, as well as footwork and mobility drills. Our workouts are combined with age appropriate stations to focus on core control and correct form; while ensuring the atmosphere is fun and safe for all to work hard, compete and sweat. SMASH Dryland Training develops muscle functionality for everyday health or to compliment any sport/activity.

At SMASH our coaches know the importance of positive fitness development and encourage and recognize each individual's progress. We set them up for long term consistency, discipline and healthy habits to improve their mental and physical health. 

With TEAM SMASH we become Fitter, Healthier, Stronger and more Confident


1. Power (Lower, Upper, Rotational)

2. Explosiveness

3. Acceleration, Deceleration, Agility

4. Change of Direction

5. Core

6. Top End Speed

7. Endurance

8. Posterior/Anterior Chain Strength

9. Balance and Stability 

10. Hand-Eye Coordination (sport depending)

11. Cognition:

-quick twitch muscle fibres

-reaction time

-how long does it take to process information and output abilities

12. Mobility and Injury Prevention

13. Diet and Nutrition

14. Recovery (+ Supplements)

At SMASH, we train and touch on all 14 areas of the complete athlete

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