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SMASH Summer Camps

  • 6 Summer Camps

  • 4 different types

  • 2 hours each day

All Camp Times*:
U9-U11: 9-11 AM

U12-U14: 11-1 PM

U15+: 1-3 PM

*Multi-Sports Camp is U10-U14 and is @ 10-12pm


1 Full Week Camp (5 days): $149

2 Full Week Camps (10 days): $209

3 Full Week Camps (15 days): $239

Aug 17-18 Weekend Camp: $65

1 Day of Camp: $35

Speed Camp: Improve running technique, top speed, change of direction, acceleration, agility, etc

This camp will make you faster!


July 8-12 (Cloverdale)

July 22-26 (Langley)

Multi-Sport Camps: Improve athleticism, add diverse skill set, learn new skills, sport IQ


August 12-16 (Cloverdale)

SMASH Camp: Increase speed, strength, cardio, core, athletic ability, play various games such as soccer, dodgeball, handball, kickball, flag football, etc


August 17-18 (Cloverdale)

Pre-Tryout Strength & Conditioning Camp: Increase all levels of athletic ability (speed, strength, cardio, hand eye, reaction time, etc) and also added competitions, games, battles and contests 


August 19-23 (Cloverdale)

August 26-30 (Langley)

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